9 SureFire Signs Your Love Will Go The Distance


Yes, there most definitely are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to romance.

But I believe just as there are signs a relationship may be in trouble, the opposite is just as true.

Fact is, there are many couples who enjoy loving, healthy, stable relationships.

So, what are common indicators of a mature love?

The following are just a few signs your romance has the foundation to last:

You are free to be who you really are in the relationship. Couples who truly love each other do not feel the need to “play a role” or pretend with their partners. If you experience this type of freedom in your relationship, you are on the right path.

You do not view each other as extensions of yourselves. Contrary to the sentiment espoused by popular love songs, you know you are a complete human being who does not rely on another person to be complete.
You are confident in your love and do not feel the need to constantly search for proof or validation of it.
You both allow each other the freedom to pursue separate interests and maintain friendships outside the relationship.

You live in the moment while planning for the future having learned from the past.
You take responsibility for your life, but understand you can not control everything that happens.
You do not see yourself as the center of the world. You have the capacity to empathize with each other.
Even though you may share many beliefs and values, you realize differences in opinion will occur. However, you commit to disagree in constructive, healthy ways.

Though you are committed to your relationship, you are not willing to lose yourself in order to maintain it.

Finally, this listing is by no means exhaustive, which is why your help is needed! What are some other tell- tale signs of a relationship built to last? Please share your thoughts with the community by commenting below.

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