Enjoy Yourself On Your Dates By Dropping Your Expectations


You’ll Go On Many Dates While Looking for Mr. Right, You May As Well Enjoy Yourself

Do you allow yourself to enjoy your dates

After dating a few different men you may think finding love is like finding a needle in a haystack.
I hear stories of women who meet a man, know he’s the one and now they’re happily married. The problem with these stories is you don’t hear about the dozens of dates they went on before they find love with  him.
Sure there are people who meet the perfect man on their first date, but most people wouldagree they’re the exception, not the norm.

While we know these are fairy tale notions, it’s fun to think it can happen.

But back in the real world you need to realize that you never know where you’ll find love.
If you go on dates with the expectations of finding the one man. You’re bound to be disappointed.

  1. You never know where you’ll find love.
  2. It may be someone your dating now.
  3. Someone at your new job.
  4. Your new neighbor.

The guy you met at the gym

Look for love everywhere. But go on dates to enjoy yourself.
If you’re looking for love on a date, you’ll end up disappointed.  It’s always possible for you to find love on a date, but for a healthy relationship you’ll need to take time.

The problem with finding fast love is that’s it’s usually attraction or chemistry. These can fade quickly as you begin to form a relationship with someone.

While it’s possible to connect with a man right away, for most of us it takes time.

You can’t tell who will  be the perfect man for you by attraction or chemistry

By only dating men who you think you’ll fall in love with, you may pass over the man you’re looking for.If you have certain expectations when  you do on a date, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. Your focus will be on the checklist in your mind. This of course will lead to the interrogation session that some first dates eventually become.

No man wants to be on a date that’s feels like the inquisition.  He wants for both of you to get to know each other. However, he would expect for this to take place over a couple of dates, not all at one time.
If you remember you can take your time to get to know him, this will take the pressure off and maybe you can enjoy yourself.

When you enjoy yourself, you give your date the chance to see the real you. It also allows him to be himself.

Then you can start to have fun

It’s easier to enjoy your time together when there are no expectations.  Relax and don’t feel pressured to have a love connection. Take the time to get to know him, chances are you’ll have more fun and so will he.

Stop looking for love on a first date.

I’m not saying when you stop looking for love  it will fall in your lap.
However, when you stop worrying about it, dating gets easier. You’ll let go of some of the expectations you have and start to enjoy yourself.

Before you go out on a date decide that you’re going to have fun.

When you feel comfortable on dates, you tend to date more.  Men will be more open to dating you if they don’t feel the ‘love’ pressure on the first date.

So remember drop the expectations and enjoy yourself, since you never know where you’ll find love.

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