Feeling Like Your Relationship Is In A Rut? Then Let The Sun In!


Don’t you love the smell of fresh, crisp air? Especially in the mornings? My favorite way to enjoy it is by taking brief walks around my neighborhood.

When out for a walk the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the affects of all the heavy Autumn rains Memphis has experienced recently.

The sky has been painted with shades of gray. Most notably, the sidewalks and streets are littered with the remains of once vibrant Fall leaves, overcome by the wind and rain.

Deep in thought, my mind pondered as to how often we allow the rainfalls of life to overcast the sunlight of joy in our relationships?

My guess is, much too often.

We “adults” tend to take ourselves too seriously. We allow the cares and pressures of life: bills, work responsibilities, running a household, etc., to suck the humor and laughter right out of our relationships. So, if you are feeling as though you and your partner have been in a rut lately, my advice is to let the sun in!

Make it a point of finding your smile again – it misses you! My firm opinion is we drastically underestimate the healing power laughter brings.

Finding The Sunshine

So Mr and Mrs Serious, here are just a few fun suggestions that will help you re-discover your joy:

Start a pillow fight
Watch a favorite comedy film, or standup concert together
Pull out old high school year books or photo albums, then take a walk down memory lane
If you have young children, watch them at play. Children’s laughter is infectious
Play a game of twister
Turn on the radio, and shake your money-makers!
Have a watergun fight
Log onto sites like Flickr or YouTube to enjoy humorous photos and videos

Concluding Thought

Hopefully, these ideas will convince you how important joy is to the health of your relationship. So go find the fun, and experience the healing warmth the sunshine of laughter brings.

When was the last time you and your partner enjoyed a good, hearty laugh together? Please share your experiences with us by commenting below.

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