What To Talk About on the First Date?


Imagine this nightmare scenario: You are finally sitting with the woman of your choice on the first date in a café or even worse, a restaurant, and suddenly you do not know what you should talk about. An awkward silence spreads and you hide behind your glass of wine or your coffee. All that comes to your mind now is to talk about the weather … You imagine that she is losing interest with every second passing: even more silence is spreading. Maybe you manage to save the situation by quickly making a bit more small talk about her job or other boring things, but the result is just the same: she’s gone.

The problem here is obvious:

he has tried (!) awkwardly (!) to entertain (!) her (!) and even approached the whole thing in a logical (!) and masculine (!) way. Every exclamation point there marks a fundamental flaw that will have the exact opposite effect to what you actually intend: to get to know the woman, to seduce her, to marry her. So here are the basics of proper conversation on a date:

  1. We are and act casual and relaxed
  2. We do not desperately try to find a subject, it is better to keep silent and feel good at it, because she should also try and contribute something to the evening together
  3. We do not entertain her (!) but ourselves (!), and are having fun doing it

Any kind of logic is totally counter-productive. Ideally we pick up little bits from the conversation  and comment with something new, interesting, funny, sexual, etc. about them. A conversation works like a game where a ball is thrown back and forth between two people.

Our date is a woman, so she will not appreciate typical male jokes orlogic. Just practice conversations with as many women as possible following the rules mentioned here. This will help you to avoid mistakes and become relaxed when talking to women.

We do not need any specific conversation topics on a first date. Conversation is by no means a well-maintained, highly spiritual exchange between two intellectuals on current-day politics. Conversations are intended primarily to trigger certain emotions in her, to present all the things that make a man attractive (What women really want!) and to induce emotional reactions in her.

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