What to Wear on a First Date


A first date is always a tricky business, especially if you do not want the outcome to be negative. Whether your objective is quick sex, a love relationship, or even finding the right woman for life is just a minor matter. There are a few things that must be considered fundamentally.

In first place, when preparing for flirting and dating you have to focus on what is immediately apparent: the externals. Women are programmed to assess men within a few seconds – sometimes even fractions of seconds – and peg them into various categories depending on their appearance: friend, lover, potential supplier, or perhaps simply “not interesting”. In order not to be considered as “friend” or “not interesting”, you cannot afford to make any mistakes with your outward appearance.

The whole issue starts of course with clothing.

Women will consider immediately the way a man is dressed, because this allows them to decide easily into what category they should place him. Here are some basics to be taken into account:

Do colour and style of the clothes match? A carelessly combined outfit says a lot about its wearer. A woman accordingly interprets this the following way: “He does not care about his appearance; therefore he will not care about me.”

Do belt, shoes and bag match? Every effort should be made so that they match at least in colour. It would be ideal, of course, if this were also true of the materials. The same applies to watch and belt buckle: are colours and materials matching?

Are your shoes clean and well-kept?

This is an absolute must for a successful first impression on women. Nobody knows where this comes from, but dirty, unkempt and old shoes can be an immediate exclusion criterion. And not even the greatest personality or a cool shirt can help here.

Do the clothes come from a discount store or are you wearing designer clothes? Wearing only cheap clothes is immediately apparent to other people. Equipping yourself with jeans of two well-known brands (Boss, Versace, Evisu, Levis, etc.), some really beautiful and well-chosen brand shirts, a cool belt and two pairs of good shoes is absolutely enough. You suddenly start getting complimented on your clothes and already have a good hook for subsequent conversation.

Do your clothes correspond to your age/occupation/social status? Women notice right away when a man comes along with clothes he cannot really identify with.

Just a little tip: If you are unsure about what style of clothing suits you, or which shirt you should choose to wear with jeans, you should just take the time to talk to the sales lady at the store, and she will be happy to assist you. Or even better: go shopping with your best lady friend, sister-in-law, or sister. The best option would be to talk to a woman at the store: “Hello. I have a quick question. I have a date tonight and I need a really good outfit – what do you think: this shirt/these jeans or rather this other outfit?” A propos, this offers a wonderful opportunity to practice flirting.

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