How To Get a Relationship Complaining is Contagious


So Be a Good Neighbor and Stop Complaining

The constant complaining and whining about what is bothering us at every moment of the day has become an epidemic of misery and negativity! No wonder it’s so hard to stop complaining!

You talk to your co-worker and they complain.
You talk to your friend and they complain.
You talk to your spouse and they complain!
You talk to a stranger and the conversation is usually started by – yep, complaining!

It seems as though everywhere you turn there is someone complaining, and it becomes very easy to jump in and start complaining as well. But while you have no control over what other people do and what they say, you do have control over yourself and what you say and do.

Complaining does nothing positive for you

All that it offers you is a lot of wasted energy and a way for you to be even more unhappy and possibly lead you to more complaining.

It doesn’t move you toward an outcome, it doesn’t help you get anywhere in life, and it doesn’t solve the problems that you are having.

Picture yourself standing inside a multitude of circles, each one bigger then the next. To move forward in life you have to move to the next circle and the next and the next…but if you stand there and complain about the inner circle then you are not taking any action to get to the next circle, you are just standing there complaining! What a waste of time!

With no action comes no reaction.

So instead of moving forward in life and becoming happier with it – you just sit in your inner circle complaining.
Another way to look at it is when you complain you actually start to feel and act as though you are a victim in every faucet of life.

Victims don’t get very far in life because they are so busy being a victim that they don’t take action and start fixing the problems that they think are making them a victim in the first place! They are just too busy being a victim in life.

Once you get into the habit of complaining and being a victim it may be very hard to get out of it unless you put the effort in to turning it around. And the best time to start is right now!

Do you really want to still be complaining tomorrow, the next day, or a year from now? Or would you rather be in a different spot then you are now, a better spot towards the outer area of the circle?

I know many old people who have no took action in their life and instead complained their way through it. They are never happy with themselves or with life. There is always something to complain about for them. It’s sad to watch because there is so much more they could have done in their life and could be doing with their life.

Choose to start taking action now by choosing not to complain!

Whenever you find yourself thinking about complaining or feel yourself starting to complain – stop.

Instead of complaining, think of ways that you can make the situation better and start doing those things to put your plan into action, and remember that the complaining is not going to get your anywhere or anything except to give you more to complain about and make you more unhappy.

Remember that no one has the ability to make you complain and miserable except for you and therefore you are the only one who can help yourself stop complaining by taking action for yourself.

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