Signs That Something is Wrong in Your Relationship


Breaking up is always hard to do whether you have been in a relationship for one year or five years.

We put our energy, dedication, time, heart and soul into a relationship only to discover there were warnings that we may have missed. Here are some warning signs you may have missed that are toxic to any relationship.

Possessiveness is something that should not be a factor in a relationship. Of course, we all need to be wanted and that may be what brought you and your significant other together in the first place. But there is a fine line between wanting to be with that person and trying to control that person.

Some signs of possessiveness includes your partner wanting to know everywhere you go and calls you several times while you are out, putting a barrier between your and your family and friends and watching your every move if the two if you are at a party or gathering together. No one deserves this type of treatment.

Communication is the key in any relationship.


So a definite warning bell is when there seems to be a breakdown in communication. It may seem like the two of you do not understand each other anymore. Most couples will have at least a conversation throughout the course of the day but when that communications ceases, there is a problem.

You will need to take the time and sit down and try to figure out the reason for the lack of communication. If neither one of you is willing to try and work on this aspect, then it may be time to end the relationship and move on.

Sharing common interests is also an important part of a relationship.

Couples are supposed to enjoy doing things together that they both enjoy. While it is true that no couple will like all of the same things, having a majority of things in common is essential for any couple to flourish. If you both like camping, spend the weekend camping together or if you both like comedy, spend an evening at your local comedy club.

As previously mentioned, it is okay to have separate hobbies as well. Maybe he and his buddies go to a football game on a Sunday afternoon while she and her friends do some shopping.

With the way today’s fast paced lifestyles are, it is hard to find the time to spend time together as a couple. But when you do find the time to just talk or relax together, are you both really paying attention to each other? For instance, when he is trying to have a conversation with you, are you checking your emails? Or he is checking the latest sports updates while you are trying to talk to him? A good relationship involves the two of you spending time away from the hustle and bustle of the world. That means no cell phones, computer or social media. You need to focus on one another or your relationship will sour fast.


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