Signs That Your Woman Is Not Enjoying Sex


What Does She Really Think About Sex With You?

Wondering if she actually had a good time in bed with you? Wondering if she EVER has a good time in bed with you?!
Chances are if you can’t pleasure her once in bed it may just be an off day for you or her, but if you are consistently not pleasing her in bed then you may have a problem.

Bad sex leads to other problems like:

•A disconnect in the relationship – Especially for women and intimacy is an important part of feeling close in a relationship.
•Fights due to frustration or embarrassment.
•Loss of desire for sex on both sides

A healthy sexual relationship is important. Period.

Your woman may not be disclosing how she really feels about your sexual relations. She may be embarrassed to tell you what she really wants or she just may not want to tell you how bad you are in bed. Either way if she doesn’t tell you what’s wrong then you are not going to know – and your relationship can suffer for it!

So here are some signs to watch for that will tell you that she’s not enjoying sex as much as she could be.

1. She Never Initiates Sex

If she never gives you that sexy wink or initiates sex in any way then she may just be trying to avoid sex altogether. If she doesn’t enjoy sex then why would she want to initiate something she doesn’t enjoy?

2. She’s Never in The Mood

If you find yourself practically begging her to have sex then that is a bad sign! Women who are not in the mood will not respond well to your touch, kiss, or words when it comes to trying to initiate sex with her. She will have excuse after excuse lined up for you about why she doesn’t want to have sex or sexual relations with you.

3. She’s Not Active in Bed

Sometimes women like to lay still and enjoy your kisses or touch, but if you find that she is like this all the time then she’s probably not enjoying sex with you. A woman who enjoys sex will participate in it by moaning, moving, and positioning – not by laying still and waiting for it to be done. What to Do If You Think She’s Not Enjoying Sex With You

If you see the signs and think that she’s not enjoying sex with you then you have two options:

1. Talk to her about it 

It may be hard to talk about something so sensitive, but it’s necessary to do if you want to understand where she is coming from and why she feels that way.

Communication in a relationship is SO important. You should be able to talk about anything! That’s where all the pleasure and understanding really comes from – knowing what your partner wants, needs, and desires, and knowing that they also know what you want, need, and desire.

So sit her down and talk to her about it in a non-threatening way. Share your concerns, listen to her reasons, and come up with a plan to make sex more exciting for the both of you!

2. Learn All You Can

If you don’t want to talk to her about it (which you should in order to really understand where she is coming from) then you can try the learn and test method.

Learn how to please a woman, what a woman really wants, what satisfies her emotionally and sexually, and then try testing what you learn to see if she responds to it. If she doesn’t then try something else, but if she does then add on to that.

That’s why we built this website – to give guys an inside look into how woman think about dating, intimacy, and relationships. You can learn a lot about your woman from other women. But like I said – only by communicating with her directly can you understand what is going on in her head specifically.

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