Signs You May Want To Move On From That No Good Woman


As I sit here and watch a poor guy begging for a woman to love him – after she’s cheated on him and told him he doesn’t love her – I can’t help but feel bad for him.

He seems so ignorant to the fact that she doesn’t love him. He won’t let it go. There are some obvious signs that she’s not the one for him but he just can’t see them.

So if you find yourself in love with a woman who treats you like crap – here are some signs that you may want to move on to a better woman.

She tells you she doesn’t love you 

If she tells you over and over again then you got to take that as a sign. I understand that she may give you mixed signals with what she says and what she does – but if she’s saying straight out that she doesn’t love you, at any time during the relationship, then she means it, no matter how often she comes to you for stuff.

She makes you feel bad about yourself 

Whether she’s telling you that you are a loser or that you are worthless, she is intentionally try to hurt you. This is not a sign of love. This is a huge sign that she has no respect for you – AT ALL!

You do everything for her and she does nothing for you 

If you find yourself buying her gifts, giving her foot rubs, making her supper, and doing everything else for her with nothing in return then get rid of her and find someone who will treat you better. You can try telling her how you feel, and she may just not realize it, but honestly when she takes you that much for granted chances are she knows how she’s treating you and doesn’t care that you get nothing in return.

She hits on your friends 

This is such a huge signs of disrespect that it’s not even funny. If she is doing this to you then she’s not worth the relationship.
She’s cheated on you over and over again – This happens all the time. Reality tv shows have shown this to be true. If a woman cheats on you over and over again and there’s not end in sight then she doesn’t respect you and your relationship.

How could she? She would rather get her love from outside of the relationship with someone. Stop taking her back and find a woman that treats you right and comes to you for comfort!

Essentially if she’s disrespecting you and hurting you in any way over and over again you may want to move on to another woman that doesn’t treat you that way. Do not put all your love in a woman who doesn’t love you.

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