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There are so many people that I know and have seen who get caught up in the whole I’m single which means I’m so lonely and life is not even worth living syndrome. They are miserable and waste their time dwelling in their misery. Lonely is a state of mind. The more you feel bad for yourself equals the more bad you feel. And the circle goes on and on and on until you settle for someone who is not good for you but at least will take away your loneliness.

Everything in life comes with a perception or view.

You can look at being single as the worst time in your life or you can look at is as one of the best times. It can be a time wasted with complaining and crying or it can be an opportunity to grow as a person and figure out what really matters to you in life.
I often see people who have never been single in their whole lives and I can recognize the uncertainty of who they really are. They’re scared to be alone, with themselves, and they always have to have someone around them just to get rid of the uncomfortable situation they have going on with themselves. You can argue this point but I’ve seen it over and over again.

The worst situation for these people is when they have to go out in life alone after a divorce or death. It’s tragic to watch and it’s like they are teenagers learning who they are and what they really like. They have to go through the motions of figuring themselves out.


Being single means you have time to work out who you are and what means something to you and what does not mean something to you. There is no compromise and there is no follow the leader. You get to be completely honest with yourself because you are making all of you own decisions and you are making your own path to follow. It’s not a joint venture right now and that means the focus is on you.

Is that not enough for you?

Besides the fact that you get to learn about who you really are and start being comfortable with your own path; you also get to do what you really want to do at any point in time.

You feel like going to bed at 7pm. Go. You want to head to the nearest convenience store at 3am. Go. You want to go to your favorite fast food place in your sweats and ripped shirt. Go.

You get the idea.

You get to make these choices without having to take into consideration someone else. You get to be as free as a bird when it comes to where you’re going and what you do there. There are no compromising your likes and wants when you are single. These are the two greatest and worthwhile reasons for being single.

Self understanding and self confidence is important in everyone’s life. We are here to learn and go along a path meant just for us.

Of course there’s other reasons like not having to pick up after someone, or listen to their annoying habit, or deal with the in-laws on a daily basis but those are all bonuses that get tacked on to being single. So figure out what makes you happy and be a happy single person.

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