Slow Down, Love Is Plentiful


Let me jump right into it by telling you about a HUGE mistake you’re making.

You are settling for the wrong person in your relationship.   It’s a bold statement, I know, but I’m pretty confident.   In fact, I recently conducted a relationship quiz, and the results so far show that 38% of respondents say their biggest fear in their relationship is that they picked the wrong partner!

For some strange reason, we think that love is scarce.   I’m here to tell you the opposite.   Love is plentiful!   Our whole lives, we are taught to be prepared, because things don’t last.   It’s inherently built into us.

Even big companies (US car makers) stockpiled inventories as if they were going to run out of necessary supplies.   Then Toyota introduced to the Just In Time (JIT) principle.

Just In Time teaches us to only use the recourses necessary to get by.

I think we need to carry this philosophy into our relationships, as well.   Too often people settle for the wrong person in their relationship. Why?   They seem to be afraid that they won’t find someone else who loves them.    Sure you love the person you’re with, but don’t you wish it were better?

How many times have you looked back and wondered how life would be if you were not in the relationship you were in?   Would life be better, or worse?   Did you settle?

It’s sad that so many people do settle for love when it is an abundant resource.  

You will always find someone else to love you.   In fact, in many cases, love gets better each time.   You learn to love back.   You learn to respond to love.   You develop love.   Falling in love with someone new is euphoric.

You become inundated with joy and excitement, the desire to please them in return for the feelings they give you.

How can you pass this up?   If you’re in a relationship that is going nowhere, it’s alright to start over.   Don’t let fear hold you back from being happy.   You expect certain things from your partner, from your relationship and from yourself.   Don’t be a victim.   Take this dating advice.   Slow Down!   Love is plentiful.

Instead of rushing through the stages of a relationship, slow things down.

  Learn about your partner, and yourself, and what your life together might be like.   Sure you have feelings for this person, but don’t risk your own dreams, goals, and happiness along the way.   A loving relationship is one that should be carefully planned, and thoughtfully executed.

You should glide through the relationship together, supporting each other along the way, encouraging each other, and laughing together.   If you aren’t able to do this with your current partner, it’s time to evaluate if it’s a relationship worth saving.   It could be time to move on.

Discover what makes you happy.

  Learn what your tolerance levels of the contrary are.   Establish your boundaries.   And grow your relationship.   Remember, if you’re relationship isn’t growing, it’s dying.

So where are you at in your relationship?   Are you happy, or just content?   Do you want more, or are you okay with settling?   There is enough love to go around.   There is enough love to give, enough love to receive, enough love to share.   Love is plentiful.

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