Some Rules For Dating Men


You have the date set up and you are nervous as hell that you are going to ruin it, and never hear from him again. There is a good chance of that happening. The reason for that is because many women do all the wrong things on dates that end up scaring the guy away instead of making him want more. Be the woman that makes him want more by following a few simple rules.

Rule #1 – Put Your Attention On Him

When you are out with your new guy make sure you focus your attention on him. I don’t mean to be a crazy obsessed woman who hangs on his every word, but I do mean to put away your cell phone, avoid other distractions, and enjoy the time you are spending with him. This will show him that you are interested in him.

Rule #2 – Be Yourself.

If you like to eat, than eat. Don’t try to make yourself look like a woman who only eats a few nibbles to get full. If you laugh really loudly, than laugh loudly. Don’t try to stifle your laugh for fear he will reject you. He is dating you after all and not someone pretending to be you. And if he is digging the fake you, then when you eventually have to show him your true colors – he may be surprised and upset that you fooled him into thinking you were something you are not.

Rule #3 – Don’t Overplay The Girly Girl.


There’s something about dating that makes us women act like little girls. It may be cute – sometimes, but it’s not what a real relationship is made of. Giggling at everything he says and acting like a brainless twit is not going to get you the guy in the long run.

Rule #4 – Leave Some Mystery About Yourself

Don’t tell all on the first few dates. There are a few reasons for this.

First, it gives him information overload that he may not find appealing without a certain type of commitment involved. For instance, if you tell him about your period and how crazy you get just before it, he may not want to deal with a crazy girl that he hardly knows.

Second, it leaves you with nothing to talk about, and it leaves him with nothing to learn. It’s always fun to learn something interesting about the person you are dating and to leave some stuff to the imagination as well.
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