Talking To A Woman On The First Date: A Man’s Guide


Spontaneous talk during a date is very important though some men from a breakup find it hard to deal with. Like women, men also feel emotional discomfort especially if the previous relationship lasted for years. The confidence in himself is gone and he becomes precarious when it comes to dating a woman again.

The modern woman wants a little something more from her man than women in the past and it’s time to adapt and adjust. It really doesn’t hurt as much as you might have been lead to believe to carry on a conversation with an attractive woman. Chances are that you do find her attractive if you’ve asked her out.

Step 1:

To have an astounding conversation, choose a topic that you are both interested in. Having the same taste in movies or having the same passion with the environment will lead you to a longer talk. The longer you talk, the chance of becoming comfortable with each other intensifies.

Step 2:

Observe her signals. Short answers and puzzling responses can only mean one thing: she’s not into the conversation. Long answers with follow up questions means she’s interested in the conversation. Enjoy this moment.

It’s also important to be responsive to the questions she asks of you. Yes and no answers aren’t going to cut it when you’re out on a date. She’s trying to get to know you a little better and wants to see how your mind works and what makes you tick. Give her a little something to work with beyond yes or no.
Responsive and overly chatty are two different things. A little explaining of some things about you but doesn’t mean you have to tell her everything on the first date. Only give her some tidbits of you being interesting so she will crave for more.

If you’re really interested in having your next date, leave clues for her to read it. Make that conversation powerful so she will also be engrossed to date you again. Using the right words and actions during the first date will help you move on to the second date, the third date, the fourth,and so on.

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