The 5 Types of Girls You Meet in College


I’m not one for stereotyping people, but as I have grown older, I have learned that a majority of people can in-fact fall into categories.   Sure, everyone is unique, and everyone has their little «perks/reasons» that differentiates themselves from these following stereotypes.

  But throughout all of the people that you’ll meet in college, if you generalize, you will find that most of the girls you meet in school, can fall into these following categories.

It’s hard to sum up what girls are like into just five categories, but after some thought, I figured that I came up with the best top five.

The Athletes

These are the girls that come to school on scholarship, to play sports.   Sure they may be fun to hang around, but I wouldn’t know.   They tend to just hang out with the other girls on their team.   They keep busy with their practices and games, so you don’t see them around campus a whole lot.   But when you do, they usually have bags of ice saran –wrapped around their legs or back from an injury or something.   They may be good girlfriends, but they usually date other athletes, so I wouldn’t know what that’s like.

The Social Club Extraordinaire

These girls are very socially-minded.   They are all up in the student council, government clubs, and love making posters to hang around the cafeteria.   They have their little «cliques» but also are very social.   They love meeting new people and getting people involved in school activities.   These girls may be the easiest to meet, but may not have a real social life outside of school activities.   But if you have your eye on her, attend the same events that she does, and get to know her.


Party Girls/Sorority Girls

Sorority girls and the Social Club Extraordinaire girls can be very similar, but they tend to party more than they make posters.   From experiences, sorority girls are responsible and nice.

They know how to do well in school and study hard, as well as play and party hard.   Dating one of these girls may be fun, but I don’t know if you should expect to make it a long-term relationship.

Almost the complete opposite of the Party/Sorority girls are the school-minded, «good» girls.   They are the girls that came to college to work hard and get really good grades.   They are very responsible and would make great wives someday.   If you can date one of these girls, get her on lock-down.   You’ll probably want to keep her around for awhile.

M. R. S Degree Girls

These girls are in school for one reason, and one reason only.   They want their M. R. S degree, and want their ring by spring.   They want to find a man, get married, and have their life set.

  If you haven’t figured it out already, the M. R. S degree is to become a Mrs. (your last name here).    Be careful, and be weary of these girls.   They may be great, but they may want to move faster in the relationship than you may be ready for.

Whomever you end up dating, you have your types of girls that you’re into, and you have plenty of options in school.   This is one thing you’re going to have to figure out on your own.

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