The Best Tips To Attract Women


Women Are Attracted To Certain Things

You see a woman or you like a woman and you end up doing and saying everything wrong which only repels her further and further away from you and for the most part you have no clue what you said or did wrong. You might even go so far as to think it was your looks or personality.

But the truth is that you probably were just repelling her instead of attracting her with your words, body language, and attitude.
Women are attracted to the whole package and not just one thing like looks, weight, or humor. There are many other things that they take into consideration.

You may not even realize how you come across to women with the following three avenues to attract women, but I’m telling you that if you learn how to use them properly you will have more women saying yes and less women turning your down.
The Right Body Language Will Attract Women

You can say a lot of things with your body language before you even open your mouth and if you unknowingly say the wrong things with it you will most likely have lost her before you even started.

In fact, everything you are thinking or feeling is coming through your body language on some level whether you know it or not. This fact alone will have you rethinking how you approach a woman and everything you do while talking to her.
When she first notices you, you want her to see a confident, happy, and easy going guy. This will attract a woman very quickly.
Do not cross your arms over your chest.

Do not slouch and look unsure of yourself but at the same time do not hold yourself in a position that makes you look cocky. Stand tall but loose which gives off an impression of confident yet easy going.

Make sure your face expresses a sense of happiness and confidence as well.

Shifty eyes can show insecurity and a tough rigid face can show unhappiness.

Look at yourself in the mirror and you will see what I mean. Make your best pissed off face and then make your best relaxed face. See the difference? Now use that when trying to attract women.

As far as easy going body language goes you want to keep still and focused. The less bouncy you are the more you will appear calm and relaxed.

So don’t whip your head around looking at everything you see but instead slowly turn it around to get a glimpse of something.
If you want to attract women then keep your body relaxed…move it slowly and with control. This gives off an appearance of being in control and confident in yourself.

Attract Women Without Pickup Lines

Cheesy pick up lines are only funny if you have been using body language first with a women – for a while – and you already know she kind of likes you – and you are saying them jokingly. Otherwise they come across as desperate and annoying.
So do not go up to a woman you are trying to attract and use pick up lines as you will probably get rejected even if you were just joking.

Real pick up lines that work consist of honesty and originality.

If you approach a women and notice that she has gorgeous hair then tell her that without adding in anything else cheesy.
Or if you are at an event and she does something very well – tell her that you think she’s great at _________ and you are very impressed with how easy it seems for her.

The point is to pick something that is happening right now or that is present right now and use that as your opening line. Mentioning that you’ve seen her before or that you have heard about her from other people can be used after you get the initial conversation going but you want to start it off relevant and completely in the now.

This grabs her attention easily and makes it easy for her brain to switch into a conversation with you and it will have her more willing to talk to you since it’s about something that is going on around her. It will also be more likely she will become attracted to you because there is no strain going on.

Here and now is where her mind is anywase, even though yours has been focused on what you are going to say to her.   So not forcing her to think about something else or recall another moment in time is the best way to go because it allows her to naturally and comfortably move from her thoughts to communication with you.

And if she starts off being comfortable with you then you already are one up on most guys when it comes to attracting women.
In Order To Attract Women You Have To Have The Right Attitude

Attitude is crucial in attracting women.

In fact, using the body language and starting conversation in a way I was just talking about gives you an edge that gives off the right attitude right from the beginning. It shows that you are confident but not cocky and you are interested but not creepy.
The best attitude you can have when trying to attract women is an easy going yet positive attitude.

For instance, once you get the conversation going you do not want to talk about the jerk that cut you off in traffic or the fact that you hate coming to these type of events but your best friend forced you to.

Anything that involves whining or complaining should be avoided at all costs. Even if she complains or whines you should really try to circle it back to something positive.

Positivity is be extremely sexy and attractive to anyone, not just women. It’s human nature to be drawn or attracted to people who can make you feel good about yourself. So use your humor and put on your ‘bright side of life glasses’ and make her feel good just because she’s talking to you.

Again, as with everything else, do not go overboard with this.

If you cross the line of being positive about everything to being insanely too positive about everything you might as well start talking negatively because you will have as much chance as attracting women being negative.

I don’t think many guys cross into that realm though. The cheesy swing of the arm and the words «This is the dandiest thing

I’ve every been to! «, does not come out that often. Think Ned Flanders on Simpsons and avoid that.

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