The Top 5 Complaints Girls


Have About Their Guys Women tend to agree on a lot of things and when I sent this question out there to the girls I got a lot of feedback with a lot of the same responses.

So are you wondering what your women are complaining about when it comes to you?
I’ve put together the top 5 reasons with some explanations to go with them.

1. Too much or too little sex

This was basically described as having your guy constantly humping your leg or your guy always too tired to even try. There has to be a happy medium that you can use to please your girl. Wanting sex should come with a balance of wanting other kinds of intimacy like talking, cuddling, and just spending quality time together.

2. Communication skills are lacking in every area.

If guys just took the time to understand what a woman wants then they would avoid many arguments that are started by misunderstandings. So make sure you really listen to your woman and try responding in complete sentences instead of uh huh or yep.

3. Forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much every date you set.

This isn’t something that’s funny like TV shows make it out to be. This is something that seriously bothers women and causes unnecessary anger and hurt.

If you can’t remember little or big things in your head then you need to put a planner or reminder on your computer or buy yourself an organizer that you can write stuff down in and look at every day.

This is not just about forgetting important days it’s about making her feel like you care about the things you should be remembering.

4. When the guy takes other peoples sides over theirs.

One of the worst things any guy can do is to take any side but hers.
If she’s upset about how rude a co-worker was to her or how badly your mom treats her or her mom treats her or how her friend ditches her too much then you should agree with her. Your job is to make her feel right.

No girl wants to be told she’s wrong by her guy all the time. It makes her feel like you think she’s always overreacting. Remember that she’s just expressing her thoughts out loud. Agree with her and she’ll feel like you two have a closer bond of understanding.

5. Not enough compliments directed towards her.

Girls want to hear that they are pretty or looking good directly from their guys. It’s not that they need their ego stroked but they do need to be reminded and feel that they are needed and wanted.

So if she’s looking good then tell her. If she changes her hair then tell her how good it looks. Make her feel pretty always. If she’s good at cooking, singing, building, parenting, or anything else in this world then let her know.

Work on these areas of your relationships and you’ll not only make her feel good, you will also enjoy the benefit of a happier and closer relationship.
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