The Top 7 Ways to Hurt Your Ex


Thinking of Smashing Their Headlight In? Think of The Consequences First!

Once upon a time, when I had just broken up with a guy…I learned that he wanted to hurt me. He wanted me to feel pain because he was so mad about the breakup. So what did he do?

He destroyed my furniture that I had left behind. Only, he didn’t think about how that would affect the way I viewed him from that moment until forever. So when he got in contact later with me he was surprised when I couldn’t stand the sound of his voice.

Following are the top 7 ways to hurt your ex AND why doing those things could possibly backfire on you and cause problems in your life!

1. Tell Your Ex a Lie That You Think Will Hurt Him or Her

One huge way to hurt your ex is to tell them a lie, and many people use this technique. Lies can vary from the classic «I’m pregnant!» to «I slept with your friend!» You can pick a lie that you really think will hurt them to the core and then let them have it through messages or even in person.

When you are a kid you are taught not to lie, and for good reason! Lying will only hurt YOU in the end! If you tell your ex something that you think will hurt them then it will eventually be found out to be a lie and it could cost you your reputation, future relationships, and even your dignity. Lying is something you will be sure to regret.

2. Spread Nasty Rumors Online

Online social sites have made it easy to spread nasty rumors about your ex. You don’t even have to use facebook to do the dirty work, you can sign up with random forums and spread the word, and you can even ‘submit dirt’ to places like thedirty. com.
First of all, this is bad because it is morally wrong. That may not mean much to you right now – but trust me, a few years down the road and you will start to feel a twinge of regret and remorse. It may even become so powerful that you are constantly feeling bad about what you did – and that can affect your life in a negative way.

Second of all, Karma baby Karma. It’s all too real and this type of karma is not something you want! Do you really ever want to go online and see a rumor about you making out with your cousin? Don’t think so! Avoid the bad karma by avoiding spreading rumors.

Lastly, it makes you look pathetic in the eyes of your friends and other people. When you post something online it can be impossible to retract it. Once you post it it’s there for everyone to see – and taking cheap shots at your ex makes you look pathetic and desperate. And the fact that your ex has hurt you will be apparent to everyone.

3. Spread Nasty Rumors Offline

It’s easy to make a poster of your ex doing something embarrassing and spread it around for everyone to see.
It’s also easy to tell a personal story that your ex would never share just for the thrill of making them embarrassed or feel horrible.

It’s also easy to ‘rat’ out your ex and let loose a secret that could get them in a lot of trouble.
But don’t do it!

If you share something for the sake of hurting them or getting them in trouble then you will probably succeed. But things may go further than you anticipated and you may end up essentially ruining their life. It happens quite often and it’s not a place you want to go. You do not want to be someone who ruined someone else’s life. Again it comes down to karma, regret, and looking pathetic.

4. Destroy Your Exes Personal Stuff

You can destroy your exes furniture, like my ex did. But you can even take it one step further and destroy things that really mean something to them like their grandfather’s watch or their personal diary (I’ve had that one done to me as well!) You can really get to the heart of what they are passionate about and burn it in a fire. You will not only damage their stuff but you will hurt them tremendously as well.

Doing this will earn you a spot in their life forever as someone who they do not want to see, hear, or date again; you will ruin your chances of every getting back together with them or even just being friends.

Doing this type of thing can also cause them to retaliate against you! They may be so angry and hurt that they ruin something of yours. Then you will be even more upset – and the circle will continue on like this until you break out into a really big fight and one of you goes to jail, or when one of you just finally gives up.

The best thing you can do when you still have your exes stuff is to give it back – NOW!

5. Sleep With Their Friend

Want to really hurt your ex? Then sleep with their friend. This can hurt them a couple ways.
You may hurt their ego by showing the interest you have always had in one of their friends.

You may cause their relationship with their friend to deteriorate leaving them without a buddy to hang out with.
Sleeping with your exes friend is NEVER something you should do.

You can ruin your reputation, end up with hurt feelings if you get rejected from their friend as well, and even contract a disease or get (or get someone else) pregnant. Most of the time the joke is on you and you end up hurting WAY more than your ex does.

6. Tell Your Ex What You Really Think About Them

If you want to hurt your ex you can tell them what you REALLY thought about their skills in the bedroom. You can tell them how dumb you really thought they were or mock their failures in life to their face. You can really bruise their ego and lower their self-esteem by making fun of the personal things you know will cause them the most hurt.

I know people that still have low self-confidence from their ex. You can literally shape their lives in a negative way by making them feel bad.

While doing this will 100% of the time hurt them, you will come out the loser in this one. Eventually, one day, you will regret making them feel so bad about themselves. Nobody likes to make someone else feel worthless or self conscious about themselves and even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow or next week – one day you will feel horrible for what you have done.

7. Vandalize Your Exes House or Car

Most people love their cars and house, and if you want to hurt your ex then pick the one they love most and vandalize it!
Egging a car or house can cause tons of damage, anger, hurt, and time to clean it up.
Spray painting ‘Loser’ on their garage door can cause huge embarrassment to them in the neighborhood and a whole day of painting.

Drawing a dick on their car can cause them embarrassment and lots of money to fix.
There are tons of things you can do to vandalize your exes stuff, but all of those things can land you in jail or with one hefty fine.

Do you think they are not going to know it’s you? Even if they can’t prove it then may retaliate against you in a big way – which means your life may become in danger. There’s not telling what an agry ex will do when you have gone way too far.

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