What Women Expect on the First Date


Women expect a lot on the first date. In What women really want! we have already seen what the situation is in this respect, and to meet their expectations is not so easy for most men. Let’s have the good news right away: most women would indeed like to get the perfect man who meets exactly their requirements, but of course they secretly know that the man of their dreams simply does not exist.

At the same time they always have to choose between that man who appeals strongly to them sexually (the Brad Pitt type with all his attractive attributes), and the kind of guy who represents the ideal provider. Therefore, women are forced to balance these things, moving away a bit from the ideal image in their minds.

But in spite of this, it is really not easy for a man today, because women -who have meanwhile taken on a more dominant role in our society- do not make it easy for a man to be really manly, i.e. to demonstrate his masculine qualities. If a man is too macho he will be laughed at; is he a nice guy who tries to understand the woman and respond to her, he is also on the losing side, because such a man is simply too boring and unmanly to be considered as a possible partner.

What is to be done then?

As a man you can use a big variety of strategies on the first date, depending on your goal for the evening (and it can be anything between “just” sex and a possible serious relationship), what kind of woman you have in front of you and of course, what SHE has determined to be her objective for the evening. You can represent a nice potential provider, showing exactly those things perceived as important for this kind of man. Similarly, you can place the more aggressive and dominant side of your personality in the foreground and try to take her home with you.

Much better -and incidentally much more attractive- is to do what women always demand of men, but 99% of which is not understood by men: Just be who you are! Now, some readers will think: “but I’m the guy who always sits in his underwear in front of his computer playing World of Warcraft, and women simply don’t want such a man!”

That’s right! But just reading this page shows great interest in not being such a fellow any more and in redefining yourself and designing your life in such a way that a woman may have fun being part of it. If you change yourself and your life in such a way that turns you into a “real” man, there is no need for any disguise, as you already ARE exactly the man women are looking for.

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