What women really want!


We should ask ourselves no later than on the first date, the first meeting, the first telephone or Internet conversation: “What does she really want from me?” The answer is quite simple, because women some very specific things from men, no matter what woman, no matter where in the world! Scientific studies have shown quite clearly that women all over the world, whether they come from Germany, Japan, Africa, Latin America or the USA look for following qualities in men:

For a stable relationship:

  • High social status
  • Wealth or potential to reach it
  • Aggressiveness (not “violence”)
  • Active interest in new things
  • Good father characteristics
  • Security
  • For a short, purely sexual relationship:
  • Clear eyes, healthy skin and healthy hair
  • A firm backside
  • Waist circumference : Hip circumference = 1:1
  • Good legs, broad shoulders
  • Intelligent and quick-witted
  • Symmetrical physical appearance

With the above, we have pretty much covered everything that women want.

Of course, no woman will present us this list, but these are the qualities that a woman searches for actively and unconsciously in a man, and intends to assess on the basis of many small things she notices at the first meeting on behavior, body language, conversation, etc. This happens mostly unconsciously, but sometimes also deliberately, and what is most important, in just fractions of a second.

If we ask women about the man of their dreams, we will find almost exactly the same properties we have listed here, only often in a slightly more concrete form: “I want a chief physician who is also a racing driver, he should like children, be a good cook, be nice but not too much, be athletic and fit, but … blah, blah, blah”. Most of us have probably already had such a list recited to us, but now we know what’s behind it.

One thing is clear:  if we wish to survive successfully the first and many more dates with the woman of our dreams, we men will have to do much more than say cool words. We must become the man who complies with as many of the above requisites as possible. If we don’t, she will simply get up and disappear.

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