Why “Health” is an Important Attraction Feature and What Women Can Do to Be More Attractive


“Healthy” is mentioned in second place among the features that make women attractive to men. This sounds ostensibly plausible, because a healthy person is naturally much more attractive than a sickly one, but there is still much more to it than we can imagine initially. Nature has programmed men to pay attention to the health of women, because only a healthy woman can provide him with healthy children and also raise them successfully.

This knowledge leads to some very clear strategies for women in order to be attractive to men. “Health” means in this particular case:

Shiny hair.

As bad as this may sound, we know that dogs that have a beautiful and shiny coat are healthy and happy, and the same goes for women. If a woman has beautiful hair, the man not only likes its sheen and nice smell, but he also perceives the fact that the woman is healthy. This is one of the main features of attractiveness for men, easy to recognise and just as easy to assess. The less a woman cares about her hair and the more messed up and dull it looks, the less likely will she be perceived as attractive. The solution: The right combination of shampoo and conditioner (used daily!), ideally combined with additional hair care products.

Clear skin.

The skin, considered the mirror of one’s health status (and allegedly also of one’s soul) has always been one of the most important signals to the rest of the world. The smoother and firmer it is, the better. A whole arsenal of skin care products can help here. Every good drugstore will offer advice, and in case of need, you can also resort to the dermatologist. By the way: Wearing a pantyhose is not just a fashion statement, but leads men to see smooth and younger looking legs.

Correct body posture.

Sloping shoulders, an asymmetrical posture or a drooping head, shows not only apathy, but also potential diseases. This is where sports and posture training come in.

Ideal amount of body fat.

Most people in the western world are overweight or even obese and thus in urgent need of a diet. There is of course no need to get super skinny, and a certain amount of body fat is even healthy. But as soon as the ratio of waist to hip gets out of control, you are perceived as less attractive because an overweight body is simply less healthy.

A cheerful countenance.

Interestingly, we not only find other people’s laughter attractive because of the positive feelings that come into play, but subconsciously we also know that a (honest) laugh or smile cannot be faked easily by a sickly person, this means that only healthy people can really laugh or smile and are therefore potentially attractive partners.

As we can see, there is much more to the term “healthy” than we can see and of course also much more than I can describe in just a short blog post. As a woman, you have a whole arsenal to emphasize exactly those things or to train for them, to make you appear healthy and therefore more attractive for men.

So, don’t hesitate to get in front of the mirror, start with an honest reality check, and then go off to the gym, to the drug store and a spa weekend, to become a healthy, happy and incredibly attractive woman, who is ready to go out on a successful man hunt.

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