Why men do not notice women’s flirting signals


There is this guy that you find really great, he looks good, is friendly, but also really cool and manly, and you have already sent him a huge number of signals, but he does not react!

Could he have no interest? Does he find me too fat, completely unattractive, do I smell funny? Here comes the big secret about what is really going on: he has not noticed any of the signals and he even believes that she does not find him interesting!

While men are very easily knit and need very clear communications to understand things, something quite different happens with women.

By sending out small signals and searching for just such signals from a man, a woman believes she is almost crying out, while the man stands there and notices absolutely nothing about this. Women can read the body language of other people and interpret it correctly at least 10 times better than men. When they are inside a room with other people, they notice immediately who likes whom and who does not, and they constantly send signals into the surrounding world, but usually these are not received by men. The same applies to hints when talking, emailing or chatting: while a woman considers that she has already disclosed too much about herself, he has noticed absolutely nothing or even thinks that she somehow has no interest at all in him.

So here’s the tip for women: even if you believe you have already leant too far out of the window and sent absolutely clear signals to the man, it is often not enough. If he has responded somehow, it is quite clear: he is interested. But if it seems that he has not noticed anything, then he has really not noticed anything.

He is not playing games and he is not giving you a cold shoulder – the problem is that he is not noticing that there is a woman who is interested in him. The tip of the day therefore is: send out even clearer and more distinct signals, should you be really interested in him. And for God’s sake, do not expect that he notices something on his own: Mother Nature did not equip him for this task.

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